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Wayne Newsom
Apr 17, 2018
In Dreams for Interpretation
In my dream I was back at the bible college I attended 40 years ago & saw what I assumed to be 2 prophets or angels (not sure which since image was not real clear except saw that torso of one was “ripped”). I was exchanging contact information with them through their female assistant. I looked to my right and saw a man standing beside a power pole who suddenly was swept up into the heavenlies. One of them said to me ”we catch (or sweep) up”. They seemed to be eccentric, even controversial and at odds with “the system”. One said “you’re going to have to give up your comforts” as if inviting me to join them. They offered to give me a very important document. Sometime later they were hurriedly preparing to leave but had not yet given me the promised document. I asked for it and was told “you will find it among our stuff”. I went after it but found it suspended mid-air in a horizontal plane & at eye level so I could only see the edge, not what was written on top. In the middle of this suspended document there was a cone (or funnel) with the large opening flush with the top and the pointed end extending downward. I then woke up and wrote out the details of what was seen and the sensations I had.

Wayne Newsom

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