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Oct 18, 2020
In Dreams for Interpretation
I had a dream earlier this week that my husband and I were having a party. It was at our house (but not a home we live in right now). At some point, he left the gathering to go and lay down. I waited for a while. There were lots of people laughing and I remember little Christmas lights hanging around our porch and yard. I decided to leave the party and go to where he was. When he realized I was there, he got up and left. I felt hurt/disappointed that he was having to leave. I got up and walked a bit and ended up in my mother's hospital room. She had been sleeping. She sat up and started to vomit huge chunks of something. I collected it on to a paper towel while she told me she thought she was better. I told her I would be back that I needed to let her doctor see what had happened. When I walked down the hall, I stopped by a closed door in a little recessed space and began to sob. A very kind (I remember thinking she was very neat, clean, and felt warmth come from her)...nurse came to me and started to comforted me just before I woke.


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