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Tiffany Patterson Stinnett
Jul 09, 2019
In Dreams for Interpretation
I had a dream last night that I was laying in bed with my Husband and my two sons made a pallet on the floor beside our bed which is what happen that night in real life so my dream was very realistic. In my dream everyone was asleep but me and I was looking up at the ceiling and I see a black snack with small white stripes spaced out over a inch down its body. I try to wake my husband but he wasnt even budging like he didnt even feel or hear me. The snake drops onto our bed on me and I didnt want it getting to my children so I grab the snake but since its dark and I didnt have my glasses on I couldnt see if I was going to grab his tail or head. But I grabbed it up by the tail so its now biting me in multiple places but I take off running to our front door and close our glass scream and After a moment of taking it in I walk to my room where my husband is awake and asks what is going on. I just tell him we had a snake and show him my hand. He asks why I didnt wake him and then I wake up?

Tiffany Patterson Stinnett

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