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Apr 22, 2020
In Dreams for Interpretation
My name is Tony Haynes. I have 2 dreams that I would like to have interpreted. Most of the time I don't remember my dreams but when I do there is always someone, a mob, or a creature like a vampire or something that is chasing me trying to catch me and hurt or kill me. Crazy huh? I wouldn't mind knowing what these mean but those aren't the ones I'm concerned with. The 2 that I'm concerned about happened a few months ago and involved my great-nephew Max . Max just recently turned 6 and he and I are very close. He usually stays the night almost every week. Since these 2 dreams involved Max and they weren't good dreams they really upset me. In the first dream Max and I were in a big room and there were 2 really big extension ladders ( the ladders that have to be leaned against a wall ) laying across a large space, I couldn't really see what they were laying over. Max sees one and runs and starts climbing across it like he's racing me. So I go to the other one and I start to climb it to try and catch him. The ladders are laying across the space so we're actually having to basically crawl across the ladders. Max sees this as fun and starts going faster and I'm trying to get to him because I know this is dangerous. He reaches for another ladder rung and misses and falls through the ladder. I try to grab him but I can't reach him. I'm terrified cause I can only watch him fall about 15-25 feet. I get down as quickly as possible and I find him laying on a stack of wooden pallets. His lower part of of his little body is on the pallet and his upper torso is hanging off. I check him and he's alive but unconscious and then that's when the dream ends.I woke up then feeling very upset because Max was hurt in the dream. In the second dream I wake up in my bedroom hearing some commotion outside. I look out my window toward the street and see a firetruck and fireman talking to Max and showing him the firetruck. I jump out of bed and run through the house to go see why the firetruck is here and why Max is outside with them. As I get to my dining room , there are several police officers inside . They begin explaining to me that Max is ok and just to let him stay outside with the firemen so we can talk. They tell me that someone found Max about half a mile from my house at a little park. He was ok but he was just lost. The officers told me that they were pretty sure that someone had come into my house and taken Max. He was ok though, he wasn't hurt or messed with. They asked me if I knew anyone that might want to take Max. I told them " No ". As we're talking I'm looking around the dining room and I see something. There was my grandmother's white buffet in the room ( in reality it's not at my house, it was actually damaged and thrown away years ago ). I noticed that there are hieroglyphic looking symbols drawn all across the top edge of the buffet. Then I notice the same kind of drawings on another piece of furniture in the room. The officers then tell me that they were pretty sure that it was this crazy guy that they have been looking for that had taken Max because he has left drawings like that at other places. I'm just really upset then thinking about everything and then the dream ends. I wake up feeling very upset because of Max being involved in such a scary situation. Well that's the 2 dreams. I pray that you get an interpretation for these dreams. If you feel like there is something negative about them I would appreciate your prayers. Thank you for your time and your willingness to serve the Lord! God bless, Tony Haynes


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