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Stephanie Simmons
Aug 04, 2020
In Dreams for Interpretation
My dream starts out in a small classroom (like a kindergarten class) that is full of adults. We are waiting on our sunday school teacher to lead the class (he was not there). By the time I arrived, there was only one seat left toward the back. i make my way to the seat and settle my things. When i turned around, it all changed. Now there were just a few small children and a couple of moms keeping watch over them while they watch a cartoon. The adults had left! Somehow I knew where they went, so i walked down the hall to join them. the hall looked like a school hall with lots of bustling students coming and going. I found the room they were all in. It had dark paneled walls and tall dark book cases with a big table that made me believe it was a library. There was a long line of people wrapped around the room waiting their turn to give their prophetic Words to someone who was recording them in a book. I knew that they were going to be copied and passed out to all of us to encourage us. I had arrived just as the last one finished. I knew they were out of time, and I felt like I had missed out.

Stephanie Simmons

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