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Jan 08, 2019
In Dreams for Interpretation
I was in the desert SW USA on a "spread" or ranch, visiting. All brown sand, and it didn't get as hot as white sand. The wide driveway was sand, too. There were a few animals, like donkey and goat, I can't remember exactly what. Everything was OK but in the middle of the driveway there was a sinkhole big enough for a person to fit in and they had thrown in a couple of very thick catalogues in there, similar to Sears/Roebuck, still wrapped in plastic. After awhile, I walked further down the driveway alone and I suddenly noticed there were lots of the sinkholes almost touching each other. I wound up in the middle of them and couldn't figure out how to get back w/o falling in one. I was near the neighbor's property and yelled for help. They heard me and were preparing to help me, then I woke up. Natural well-lit colors.


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