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I'm a woman who sleeps with glasses on so I can see my dreams!

The most exciting part of my life is my dream life!

Since I'm around 60, I'm actually 40 because I've slept for twenty years!

I get to star in my own movies every night because I dream every single night and 99.99 percent of my dreams are about me, as the main character!

I'm not obsessed with dreams, but I am obsessed with the Dream Giver!

My dreams play in rich & vibrant colors and are very vivid!

I recall most details of my dreams, including scents.

I've had a reoccurring dream theme for over a year about a particular name & don't any idea what it could mean. I guess I'll stop having the dream once I get the interpretation.

I have had dreams in the night, gotten interrupted by (restroom break or noise waking me up), gone right back to sleep and continued dreaming where I left off, completing the dream.

I've had a fascination with dreams practically all of my life!

I'm deeply in love with Jesus!

Grand Diva