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Davina Doreen Lim
Jul 25, 2019
In Dreams for Interpretation
Hi, I had a 'weird' dream. We were travelling ard (in a station/airport environment) and I saw all 3 of my late grand parents. First my *maternal grandma* was sitting down there, I was happy/surprised and went to Hug her. then she also transformed or became/is my *paternal grandma* as I hug and looked at her (like 2-in-1 person but there was no fear. Then my *paternal grandpa* appeared coming up an escalator. But he didn't see me/walked the other way. Then I saw one of our missions team members (I just got back from a short mission trip then) in a 'car's with someone not on this team also. The team member was smoking (but in current time, he is no longer so- already transformed!) ANY INTEPRETATIONS? or was it just the Marvel movie evoking some stuff..

Davina Doreen Lim

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