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Di D
Mar 14, 2021
In Dreams for Interpretation
My boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me a couple of days ago. For context, we got into reoccurring fights, and more importantly, we didn't agree on the topic of kids. I have always wanted to have kids and he wasn't really sure if he wanted them, and was leaning more towards 'no'. In my dream, we were riding a subway together and I was talking to a woman I don't recognize. When it was time to get off, he got off and I tried to get off the subway too, but I couldn't. My legs weren't working, almost as if they were paralyzed or asleep. It felt as though they had no power in them and I couldn't walk. It didn't seem like he noticed I wasn't coming with him, as I saw his back walking up the stairs to exit the station without turning around. I managed to make it off at what was either the next stop or another exit, and I called him. He was angry/annoyed when we spoke. I was trying to describe my surroundings so he could come and find me but my vision was so blurred and I couldn't see properly. What does this mean?

Di D

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