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Derek Kirkman
Feb 26, 2018
In Dreams for Interpretation
Greetings. Here is a dream I have been pondering since last year. I would love any insights you could offer. I kept lingering somewhere between sleep and being awake; it was a restless sleep the entire night. In the dream I was describing the dream to others in a white room with a recessed white map of the United States in the floor. The room felt like a news studio and the map was like weather map, but all white and no names of the states; just the outline of the states as they appear on the U.S. map. I kept saying there is a cloud of ash (dark gray) moving across the states and it is a radius of exactly 32 miles. I kept seeing the cloud in 3D on top of the recessed floor map and it was floating across the states. Since everything was white, it made the cloud stand out. It started from the west and followed a trajectory to the east along an imaginary line about the middle of the map. I kept saying over and over again that the ash cloud is a radius of 32 miles. The entire dream kept looping. I didn't feel that it was something ominous.

Derek Kirkman

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