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Deborah Pettigrew
Dec 30, 2017
In Dreams for Interpretation
I'm a longtime friend of the Platts and I saw your site through their page. I saw you interpret dreams. I had a very vivid political dream back when Obama became president. And about a year before ISIS came to fruition. Part of it I believe was prophecy of ISIS. Anyways so I was going to go shopping at Walmart with my baby (was not married or with children at the time of the dream) and as I was arriving I saw large military vehicles and oil trucks pulling into the parking lot. I went into the store anyways and came to find out it was a large group of Muslims. They had assassinated Obama and were taking over large department stores to make them operation stations. As I was going to leave the store they commandeered me to be a nurse to care for their injured and I was unable to leave. Eventually God provided a way for me to escape. I ran and I ran and then I got a ride on a golf cart. We were being pursued by a cement truck with some guys in it. There was a kid on the golf cart who fell off and the cement truck ran over him. We got into downtown of the city and I got off. As I was walking towards the church I was headed to I was in an alley and some boys on a bike came and blocked my way. One of them pulled out a pistol and tried to shoot me but I started speaking in tongues and when they tried to shoot the gun wouldn't shoot. These were ordinary boys. God spoke to me in the dream that just because someone didn't look Muslim it didn't mean that they weren't working for them. That the Muslims had a large group of ordinary people under their wing and I couldn't trust people just because of their looks. There were sleeper cells all over that were rising up out of the blue. After escaping there I kept running away and now there were men with guns walking down the streets and there were explosions going off around me. God told me to go into a church that was not marked and I would be protected there because the church was not clearly marked as a church and just looked like a factory with a chicken coop out front. As this group of people were destroying any church with a sign out of their name or that was clearly a church. So I came to this building with a chicken coop fenced in next to the entrance. As I was going through this coop to get to the door men with rifles began firing at me but I was praying and while I heard bullets whizzing by none of them hit me. They only hit the wood of the coop. I got into the church and in the basement were a group of saints praying and lots of supplies and food etc to get us through. While there my husband found me and I remembered I'd left the diaper bag for my baby at Walmart and in spite of the danger he said he would go and get it. While he went to fetch that we were praying and singing. We kept hearing explosions going off around us but nothing hit us. When the husband got back I went up out the building to find all the buildings but ours around us flattened. We had been spared. That was the end and I woke up. When ISIS came about I knew that was the group my dream was talking about. What are your thoughts? Over the years I've had many different dreams of people attempting to kill me or steal from me and in the dream I am very bold and speak against the demons controlling them or rebuke Satan and I am miraculously spared and saved and then have the opportunity to witness to the individual through the situation. God has used me in background way and in a more bold way and I've seen blind eyes healed, cancer gone, and lame walk. But I have to be careful cause in my excitements of being used by Him you can end up thinking you're hearing from Him just because you want to see Him move through you again and it's not actually from Him and can't come to pass.

Deborah Pettigrew

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