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Deborah Bartley
Mar 27, 2020
In Dreams for Interpretation
I've had several recent dreams where I am washing the clothes of one of my relatives. Each dream was a different relative but it is someone I love. In the last dream my mom (who is no longer here) told me I still needed to help this person with her laundry because something was too heavy. In the dreams I am at the washing machine putting in clothes.
Deborah Bartley
Dec 26, 2019
In Dreams for Interpretation
My son and I both dreamed more than once recently about having a big wad of gum in our mouth. We are trying to get rid of it but we can't spit it all out. When I try to spit the gum out there is always more. It gets stuck in my teeth. My son dreamed the exact same. Neither of us are gum chewers in real life.

Deborah Bartley

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