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Jan 30, 2018
In Dreams for Interpretation
I had this dream on 11/15/17 I was in a hotel room with my late mother. My cell phone rings and the caller says this is Todd White. Hard to hear him. He says he has asked his wife to pray for me. (Cant remember what he said he would specifically pray for) I asked him why he called and got no answer. Just silence. He said he was coming to Birmingham ( it was either Jan or March cant really remember) there were long periods of silence. I told him there was alot of holy spiritual energy building in Birmingham and he was impressed. I asked if he wanted to talk to a church elder or someone else of higher standing, he remained silent.I felt he had called to specifically talk to me. I went outside to hear him better and the scene changed to the front of a church. I was hesitant to go in because I was barefoot. I went in still on the phone with Todd. I saw a small stage with several people singing on it including my 21 yo son Ben. My son then goes to a pew and lies down and is not happy. I'm still talking to Todd white. Asked Todd if I could tell someone here to call him. He just remained silent. While talking to Todd in the church my robe flies open and exposes my underwear. I whisper to my daughter that I'm talking to Todd White. During the dream I got the feeling he had called to talk only to me. Thank you for any help interpreting this dream.


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