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Sep 25, 2020
In Dreams for Interpretation
I'm strolling through a park when I trip over myself. A man grabs my arm to stop me from falling on my face. When I go to thank him, he has seemingly disappeared. Some time goes by and I'm in high school again. My friends cannot see or hear me. It is like I no longer exist. Frustrated, I run out the front doors of the school and see an old, black Chevrolet peeling in. A woman with short black hair tells me to get in, so I climb into the backseat. She tells me that I have been chosen to become one of God's son's wives while driving at an impossibly fast speed. Then, she, annoyed, explains the rules to me (the most important is that I cannot contact anyone I knew in my "old" life) and that she is the first wife so I should know my place. She pulls into a futuristic, minimalist house and I meet the second wife, a woman with pink hair (it is quite obvious she isn't human). The third wife is out on important business. An important festival is taking place that night for my human world so I sneak out and see my parents, friends, and the boy I like (who I end up kissing later on that night). I can make myself be seen by concentrating very, very hard. I have an excellent and sneak back into the house through a front floor bathroom window, where I discover the second wife (who has yet to communicate verbally). The first wife remarks through the door that she smells a human (she sounds repulses) and the second wife quickly sprays something on me to prevent me from getting caught. The first wife takes the second wife and I out for Chinese food to celebrate my arrival and my "husband" ends up coming with us. He is a very charming, very personable man and the man who helped me in the park. He can tell I'm not happy with my current situation so he takes us on a drive and undoes whatever is preventing the human world from seeing us. He turns the ocean into clouds and has fields of gorgeous flowers spring up. Then, he takes me into the cloud ocean and we meet his half shark, half human looking brother at the boundary of their territories. His brother seems annoyed that he has taken yet another wife. My "husband" then tells me he would like me to meet his father, but that I can only look at him for one second or else my mortal body and soul will melt away. The dreams ends with me soaring up to space and seeing God (?).


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