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Mar 26, 2018
In Dreams for Interpretation
In my dream there were these huge collumns with giant green balls sitting on top of them really high in the sky. The collums were staggered each one getting shorter and shorter eventually becoming close enough to the ground to just jump off and not be harmed. There were many randomly scattered around. My boyfriend and I both started on the highest one trying to reach the ground. My boyfriend jumps to the next one with ease so I decide to jump off too feeling a little frightened but thinking I could do it. I hesitate but eventually jump only to miss the ball and fall thousands of feet to the ground. I fell straight on my back but was not harmed. My first thought after falling was to check and see if the phone in my back pocket was cracked. I pull out a green phone to find it is cracked and that really upsets me. End of dream. A few days later in my dream I am telling one of my youth leaders about my dream and she just says Oh with a confused look . Then I woke up .


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