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Brandi Shanaie Boltz
Apr 06, 2019
In Dreams for Interpretation
I had a dream that I was babysitting a set of twins, one boy and one girl. They were about 2 years old maybe 3. I was putting them in their car seats in the back of the car I was driving and went to get into the drivers seat. What happened was I ended up getting in behind the drivers seat and suddenly the were in a 3 row. I got out of the car and got into the drivers seat and headed towards the restaurant where we were suppose to meet their parents. I had never been so I was using my GPS. While driving the boy twin kept getting out of his carseat, but he was so far back (3rd row) I couldn’t reach him to get him back in. Suddenly I’m at this place the GPS has lead me to and instead of a restaurant, it is a jewelry store. We Go inside and instantly I know that the women who owns it is a witch and has cursed all of the jewelry. I tell the kids not to touch anything and it’s time to go. As we’re leaving, the owners young son (about 10) meets us at the door and tries to get us to stay. He’s smiling and talking with the kids but I know we have to leave. As I exit the store I wake up and as I do I hear the Holy Spirit say Boa Boa tree. I’ve never heard of a Boa Boa tree before this. Nor had I seen one.

Brandi Shanaie Boltz

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