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Brenda Hyde
Jul 06, 2020
In Dreams for Interpretation
Me and my sister and her little girl were in the car and I was driving to some place I don't know where we were going. Well we did get there but when we left instead of a making a right turn to go back home I mistakenly turned left. I got down the road a little ways and realized I was going the wrong direction so I just kept going a little further until I can find a place to turn around. As a we are driving the hill was getting higher and higher and I realized we were actually driving up a mountain. I got a little scared and nervous but I said I'll just keep going on up until I find a good spot I can turn around . We got to a good spot and I looked down the side of the road and you could see how far we were up the mountain and I told my niece to look at where we were. Well at the place that we had turned in off the road was a very pretty horse and he was standing by this beautiful color array of flowers. I wanted to find my phone to take a picture but I left it in the front of the car (truck now) so I didn't get one and I told my niece to take a picture with her camera that it would be a good picture (it was like all the sudden we were in the back of a truck and the phone was inside the front). When I was beginning to leave to go down the hill and I wanted to set my car (back to a car now) in the right gear so it wouldn't hurt the brakes on my car but that's where the dreams is kind of got weird it was like I was sliding down the hill physically in my own body and it was actually ok and I was holding on to the rail going down but didn't hurt and I was even saying, hey this isn't so bad after all but in the dream I wasn't in the car going down the hill it's like I was sliding down the hill myself like I was sliding down a slide. That was the end of it.

Brenda Hyde

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