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Atsuko Sibuya
Sep 02, 2019
In Dreams for Interpretation
I dreamt that I was driving through a city that I've driven in my past dreams. At first, I was just driving around on various highways and noticed a parkway with a sign that read "Parkwood Parkway" (or something like that.} Later in my dream, I was on my way to a place that was unfamiliar to me. I drove again by the "Parkwood Parkway" sign, an area that was familiar to me. I needed to hop onto "35W South" or a freeway similar that was heading south. I was driving west on a large freeway, looking for my exit. To my left was an exit to a freeway going north. The challenge with this exit and freeway was that it would be very difficult and even dangerous to turn around if I went on it by accident. Also, the exit led directly to an airplane strip where large jets were parked and also moving around. The jets looked almost like military jets. I remember that this freeway not only went north, it also went up high and had a curve - if someone took the ramp too fast, it would be easy to lose control and drive off of it. I was heading towards this exit but managed to safely maneuver my way away from it. Fortunately, I saw the exit I needed to take. I had enough time and space to make a u-turn. The freeway in front of me opened up very wide...and it seemed like drivers intentionally moved out of my way so that I could turn and go onto my freeway exit ramp safely. I woke up right after this.

Atsuko Sibuya

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