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Angela Metcalf Sanderson
Jan 05, 2018
In General Dream Questions
I dream so much that I don't rest well. I'm so tired but my mind won't shut off. I dream in color. I can feel the emotions of my dreams. I can change my dreams. My body is asleep, my mind is awake and i hear whats going on around me. Even making comments in my thoughts while im dreaming. Its like multi tasking. I'm not in my dreams for the most part. More like I'm watching a t.v. show. I can dream all night and the next night pick up where I left off like my dream is a part 2 or 3 or 4. When I am in my dream, I'm usually driving a vehicle backwards, somewhat out of control ... because of having to drive backwards or I have my front teeth behind my back teeth trying not to push on them which really messes with my TMJ. I'm very much aware I'm doing this. I'm very much aware it's uncomfortable. A part of me is so tired of dreaming. Another part of me finds this all unique and interesting and would love to break my dreams down and understand them. Does anyone else dream this oddly??? If so, what helps shut the dream down and just be able to sleep normal???

Angela Metcalf Sanderson

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