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Alisha Mathis Slay
May 05, 2017
In Dreams for Interpretation
I heard you on WDJC this morning. WOW. Chill bumps every time you responded to someone's dream. It is evident you have a gift in this area. I have dreams that have a common theme, but are never the same. I am either trapped by some group or someone, or there are people trying to get me and/or my family. I am running for my life. Sometimes it is like we (US) are at war in my dream, and the other side is trying to take over. Another dream I had was that a bat was in my house. I went to get it out with a broom, and then woke up. But, a couple days later (in real life) there actually was a bat in my house, hanging about my kitchen sing. It was totally weird! I don't remember a lot of my dreams. Wish I could give you more details.....

Alisha Mathis Slay

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