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Ale L
Oct 05, 2020
In Dreams for Interpretation
I've been having a few dreams of my dad recently. In this dream I dreamed of my dad and I traveling somewhere in a car together. I think I was driving but he was directing me on where to go. Found a parking lot with angled parking and papa told me to take one of the free bays there. The area looked a little unsettling/dodgy and the feeling I had in my dream was that it was a part of my childhood (though it looked unfamiliar). When I got out of the car, two black cats with yellow eyes walked past me looking at me (they stopped walking at looked at me for a few seconds, then carried on walking past). It was weird but I felt ok cos my dad's presence was reassuring. I also vaguely remember seeing a middle aged/retired man with white hair in the distance looking at us, and I think he wore a blue hoodie? My dad and I were walking through the area and I felt comforted and safe that he was with me even though the place we were in was run down

Ale L

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