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Amy Cloutier
Jan 09, 2021
In Dreams for Interpretation
I had a dream that I was sliding down this huge slide. Throughout the slide, there were bouncy house balls all different colors and the slide kept on turning in different directions and it was going pretty fast but it was fun. I then realized I had to have been at somewhere like the Mall of America. Then I found my spouse and asked if he wanted to join me down the slide again, but he said no. Then I realized we couldn't go together because our son was with us and so if Kevin and I went together there would be no one to watch Ethan. I'm not sure of this is a continuation of the same dream but I also was dreaming about talking my son Ethan to Disney world. Just the two of us but when I got there, I realized I wasnt prepared with diapers etc. Then I was dreaming about trying to leave but this time my son wasnt with me at all. Then my Mom showed up and was talking about leaving. And I asked her where my Son was and who was watching him. Then I saw my cousins sister in law was watching all her own children plus my cousins kids and Ethan. Then I was actually going to leave and then I kept being stopped by people who needed to check on me. Like checking my bags for what I was taking home with me. All the stuff I had with me were new like unopened toys etc. Then that was where the dream ended. I was stuck at this place like a fancy air b & b. It was just floor to wall mahogony wood panneling. Then there were parts that might have been wall paper but it was so fancy it looked like fabric. The fabric wall paper was a bright maroon. All of the fixtures were golden and it was very pretty. Then when I was getting my stuff inspected I was in a room with some people I knew but not sure who they were. The room had much less detail or colors on the walls. However the lighting was bright.

Amy Cloutier

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