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People in Dreams

People in dreams can have a vast number of different meanings depending on the context of the dream and their different characteristics. The best way to learn how to interpret the symbolism of people in dreams is to ask questions. In order to explain this process, a highly recognizable person can be used as an example. Before jumping into this explanation, however, it would be beneficial to consider one of the first questions that should be asked. Is the person known or unknown? If they are not someone the dreamer knows, certain characteristics can still be important, but it is also significant to determine whether the person is faceless or not. By faceless it is not intended to imply that they have no face at all (such as a creature from a horror film), but rather was their face identifiable. In many cases, faceless people will be representative of spiritual beings (angels, demons or even God).

Once it has been determined that the person in the dream does not represent a spiritual being, the next step is to proceed with examining their characteristics and qualities that might be the reason they were present as a symbol. It is possible that their name, their role, their position or some aspect of they physical or emotional make up is being emphasized as a symbol.


Most if not all names have a meaning attached to them based upon the origin of that name. For example, "Michael" is a Hebrew name that means - who is like the Lord. In our example above we have two possible ways the name could be significant. First, it could be based upon the given name itself - Donald. Quite appropriate for our Donald shown above the name can mean mighty or ruler. In this case, the surname could also be significant because it has significance outside of family identification. To "Trump" something means to beat someone or something and the word can also relate to a resource used (often in surprise) in order to gain an advantage.


The role that a person plays (particularly in the dream, but also in waking life) can have significance. Frequently this will be something the person is known for or the specific role that is emphasized in the dream. Again using our example, Donald Trump plays many roles in waking life (thus the context of the dream would be of tremendous significance in determining which role was appropriate for the symbol). A person can such as President Trump is a father, an employer, a friend, a husband, etc. Each of these roles can have their own symbolism and should be considered when seeking Holy Spirits wisdom for what the particular meaning is in the case of any individual dream.


The position that a person holds can be a key to understanding their meaning in a dream. In our example, the person holds the position of President of the United States of America. This is a position that carries with it tremendous authority and power and thus it could be that those qualities are being represented by this person if they appeared in the dream. Other qualities and descriptors of the position include leader, commander-in-chief, chief executive, leader of the free world, etc. - all of which could have an impact on meaning.

Qualities or Attributes

Was a particular feature overemphasized, like a caricature? Did a particular emotion stand out? These type questions can help us determine if it was a quality or attribute of the individual that was actually the important symbol. In our example, President Trump's hair is often a topic of conversation and hair can represent wisdom or covering. Whether or not it is real is a subject of debate, adding further possibilities to the meaning of it as a symbol. Depending upon the individual dreamer's perspective President Trump can be seen as exuding qualities that point to either unity or division. He is also known for emotional qualities such as perseverance or stubbornness.

After examining these possible aspects of the person in the dream, it is ultimately important to remember that only Holy Spirit can actually provide you with the answer that you are looking for in regard to the question: What does this person mean in my dream?

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