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Lucid Dreaming (Part III)

Utilizing Lucid Dreaming

Having explored the foundational topic of what a Lucid Dream is and the preparatory topic of who to prepare yourself for Lucid Dreaming, this blog post is intended to address the practical step related to “now what do I do”. While the enemy may have stolen the concept of Lucid dreaming to steer humanity into a morally corrupt world of fantasy, he is not a creator and thus did not come up with the Lucid Dreaming himself. As a counterfeiter, he as corrupted something God intended to be used as a valuable resource in the Kingdom and has attempted to prevent it from being available for the purposes intended by making the topic taboo. It is important to recognize that when properly utilized, Lucid Dreaming can be a valuable tool that helps us better understand and respond to our Spiritual Dreams.

As has been previously addressed by my blog articles, dreams have three basic sources of origin – dreams from God, dreams from our own soul and dreams from the demonic. While Lucid Dreaming can be utilized least when it comes to Dreams from God (this does not mean it has no value whatsoever for those type dreams), it is certainly useful across all three realms. Let’s take a look at functionality in each of the three source areas:

Demonic Dreams

Dreams inspired by the demonic world are most frequently intended to either ware the dreamer out through warfare or sow seeds of fear that will either cause them to reject dreaming all together or operate in anxiety even during their waking hours. It is potentially here that Lucid Dreaming has its greatest value. According to Luke 10:19 authority has been given over all the works of the enemy and nothing should cause harm to the dreamer if this principle is understood in context of the proper relationship of them to their Creator. Demonic dreams by their very nature are intended to cause harm. The authority granted by Luke 10:19 is not limited to waking life, but rather applicable in every situation, including dreams.

Once a dreamer has begun to recognize Lucid Dreaming, the next step is to begin exercising the same God given spiritual authority that they have over the dream just as they would in waking life. There is, however, one significant difference. In waking life authority is often exercised by direct command or action that addresses the spiritual attack. Dreams are metaphorical and filled with symbolism. Because of this distinction, the authority exercised in dream may be utilized in a metaphorical/symbolic fashion, rather than by direct word or response.

If a dreamer is constantly being chased by a bear in a demonically inspired dream, it is likely that the metaphor is indicating that they are under a demonic attack intended to devour their purpose and prevent them from fulfilling their destiny. If this were an attack identified in waking life (or even when the dream is being addressed in waking life) the proper response would be to take authority over the demonic activity through prayer and commanding it to cease. While the principle is identical in the dream world, the practical process may appear somewhat differently. In the dream it might play out more in the form of the dreamer choosing to seek out the sword that is hanging from the branches of a nearby tree and then turning to confront the bear and either kill it or drive it off with the weapon they now possess. This would be the metaphorical equivalent of seeking out a leader (tree) who can help equip you to use the authority of the Word (sword) to confront the demonic oppression (bear) and end its influence in your life.

Soul Dreams

Dreams originating from our own soul tend to be the expressions of our own personal desires or manifestations of existing fears and anxieties. When applied to soul dreams, Lucid Dreaming enables the dreamer to deal with the various issues that they are facing from a spiritual, rather than a psychological, perspective. For example, if a dreamer is struggling with a fear of failure and their dreams are constantly focused that fear, Lucid Dreaming can allow the dreamer to address ways of overcoming that fear and gain the benefit of seeing the fruit that arises from the effort they put in, prior to actually having to address the issue in the waking world and thus becoming a source of inspiration and encouragement. On the other hand, lucid soul dreams can actually reveal to the dreamer a weakness that needs to be addressed and allow them the opportunity to actually address that weakness and become spiritually stronger.

God Dreams

Dreams that originate from our Creator are those that we should be the most cautious with applying the principles of Lucid Dreaming to. Since these dreams are messages from God that we need to receive, it would be counterproductive to exercise our own control over them or to seek to influence their outcome. Instead, in these cases Lucid Dreaming can be utilized to assist us in receiving the interpretation, gleaning deeper meaning and even in understanding the dream itself better, without actually changing it.

One of the best ways Lucid Dreaming can be used is to allow us to finish an incomplete dream. If the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming and is awakened prior to the completion of the dream, it is then possible to return to sleep and actively choose to complete the dream. Likewise, if something is missed as the dream is occurring, the dreamer can return to that matter by rewinding or even ponder the point by pausing the dream. Additionally, Lucid Dreaming can allow the dreamer to interact, converse or ask questions of other beings present in the dream (in dreams from God the others engaged in this way will often be angelic beings), without changing the dream itself.

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