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Symbols: Bear

A bear can be a very interesting symbol in a dream not only because of its many characteristics, but also due to the fact that it's name is a homophone/homograph. Considering its characteristics, qualities and nature it is a considered a predator as well as an omnivore. It is able to survive from eating multiple types of food, but can be extremely dangerous. It is highly protective of its young and spends large amounts of time in deep sleep. It is often associated with the idea of being hungry to devour any available food (which can be positive or negative depending on context). As a homophone/homograph it can also symbolize many of the other ideas conveyed by the word bear or bare. It can relate to bearing a burden or be a soul laid bare. It can speak of giving birth, as in bearing, children or vulnerability and transparency, as in bare or naked.

* Symbol meanings provided by should not be used as a dream dictionary. They are for reference only and both dreamer and interpreter should be careful to listen to the voice of Holy Spirit as to what any particular symbol means in any specific dream

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