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Symbol: Spiders

Spiders are often the stuff of nightmares for dreamers and while, as with all dream symbols, they can have positive meanings, they are most frequently associated as a negative symbol. Some spiders are poisonous, thus indicating that they could symbolize negative words (venom from the mouth). They spin webs that entrap their prey, thus indicating they can relate to a trap of some sort. Due to their symbolic connection to witchcraft, they are often associated with the occult. From a positive perspective, they eliminated annoying insects and can thus represent getting the bugs out of something or putting an end to something irritating. With their multifaceted eyes, they can also speak of vision.

* Symbol meanings provided by should not be used as a dream dictionary. They are for reference only and both dreamer and interpreter should be careful to listen to the voice of Holy Spirit as to what any particular symbol means in any specific dream.

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