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Symbols: Poodle

Poodles are extremely smart dogs that are frequently mischaracterized as being dainty, feeble or cowardly. The standard poodle, for example, is a retrieving water dog. The unique grooming style poodles often display is designed to protect their joints and vital organs from cold weather. When specific qualities are considered, a poodle often represents more than just the typical meanings associated with a dog. They can easily speak of something or someone who is misunderstood and more capable than expected, of skill in studying the Word of God (retrieving things from the water/Word), or the need to take extra care in protecting relationships (joints).

* Symbol meanings provided by should not be used as a dream dictionary. They are for reference only and both dreamer and interpreter should be careful to listen to the voice of Holy Spirit as to what any particular symbol means in any specific dream.

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