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When it comes to interpreting dreams it can become quite easy to fall into the trap of presumption. One of the easiest aspects of this trap to fall into is the presumption that a particular symbol is always positive or always negative. As a result, presumption of this kind can be one of the greatest hindrances to a valid spirit led interpretation of a dream. It is essential that when considering the meaning of any symbol, that the dreamer/interpreter takes into consideration the context of the dream that will greatly impact the perception of the symbol as positive or negative.

Consider the following common saying:



Now, without taking the time to re-read the sentence above, say it out loud and remember the specific words that you are speaking.


Having spoken the words it is quite likely that presumption caused you to get it wrong! Did you say, "I love Paris in the springtime"? If so, you probably presumed that is what the sentence above said because it is a common phrase and the proper grammatical structure of the sentence itself. Now take another look at the sentence above and see what it actually said. Notice that the word "in" is repeated and thus the sentence actually says, "I love Paris in in the springtime". If you still haven't figured out what's wrong, then your tendency toward presumption is quite strong indeed.

While presumption can be beneficial in limited circumstances and actually help us to understand intentions without regard to mistakes, when it comes to dreams those same presumptions can disrupt our understanding of the message conveyed by the dream. Presuming a cat means witchcraft or the color black is evil, simply because they are common negative associations with those symbols can cause the underlying message to dream to be changed in an inappropriate way. While a black cat can certainly speak of the evils of witchcraft, it is also equally possible (depending upon the context of the dream itself) that the black cat speaks of an independent spirit that is veiled or hidden from view and yet provides a source of great strength for the dreamer (perhaps unable to be swayed by the ungodly opinions of others).

Such presumption can shift not only our perception of individual symbols, but can change the way we see a dream as a whole. Never forget that God does not share your anxieties, inhibitions and presumptions. He will and does use symbols in such a way that the context will draw out some element of their core nature, character or attributes to convey exactly what He intends as opposed to what you may have presumed.

Take the time to guard your thought process when it comes to dream interpretation. Double check to insure that you are listening to the voice of Holy Spirit rather than making a decision on the meaning of a symbol based upon a preconceived idea of what it is supposed to mean.

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