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Symbols: Quail Eggs

Quail Eggs, in fact eggs in general, will often represent a gift or call that needs to be nurtured or "brooded over" until it breaks forth into life. Quail eggs are smaller than duck or chicken eggs, but are considered delicacies. Their most important health benefits are said to be their potential to boost vision, boost energy and stimulate growth and repair. Thus quail eggs may represent something that comes in a small package, but is quite valuable and has significant impact. Also, for these reasons quail eggs can speak to God bringing forth gifts related to vision/revelation and to an increase in spiritual authority and the healing of past wounds.

* Symbol meanings provided by should not be used as a dream dictionary. They are for reference only and both dreamer and interpreter should be careful to listen to the voice of Holy Spirit as to what any particular symbol means in any specific dream.

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