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December Dream Lesson - Remembering Your Dreams

One of the most common questions that arises concerning Dream Interpretation is, "What does it mean if I don't dream?" As common as this question is, 100% of the time the answer is the same - "You do dream, you just don't remember them!" Medical science provides evidence that dreams occur during REM sleep and it is presumed that everything that experiences REM sleep (including animals) also dreams. Thus, it is far more likely that you are dreaming and just not remembering them than it is that you actually aren't dreaming. With this in mind, what can you do to help yourself to remember your dreams?

Peace is one of the key elements of receiving any form of revelation, including dreams. As a result, it is very important to begin your journey into dream land by letting go of the anxiety and stress that may have accompanied much of your day. Fighting with you spouse or children just before bedtime, watching a stressful television show or movie (this often includes the evening news), trying to deal with difficult decisions, and similar stress builders will all hinder your ability to remember the dreams that are on their way. Making a conscious choice to go to be in a state of peace will enhance your ability to remember the dreams that you have. In additions, reading Scripture and praying before bedtime, asking God to help you remember your dreams will be extremely beneficial.

We can also take steps to help remember our dreams at the other end of the sleep cycle. When we are jarred awake by our alarm clock or other "unpleasant" experiences, it often works against our capacity for recollection. While some experiences that might awaken us with a start cannot be prevented, how we utilize our alarm clocks can be. For the most help in remembering your dreams, set your alarm clock for the latest possible time that you can arise without being late. Make a conscious decision before you got to sleep that you want to wake up naturally before the alarm clock goes off and then expect the best.

Finally, how much of our dream life we can recall seems to be directly proportionate to the level to which we value dreams. If you feel that dreams are important and in particular if you see them as communication from God, then take proactive steps to place value upon them. One of the simplest and easiest ways that this can be done is to begin keeping a dream journal in which you write down your dreams. Don't wait for sunrise. If you awaken from a dream in the middle of the night, go ahead and write it down. Dreams are written in disappearing ink and the longer you go between having the dream and writing it down, the more likely it is to be forgotten. Additionally, you should write down any portion of a dream that you remember. Don't wait until you recall a complete dream to begin journaling, instead start by writing down even the smallest tidbit of a dream that you can remember.

These steps do not guarantee that you will begin to remember your dreams completely, but they are an excellent start toward the process of recalling them and having the opportunity to discover what they mean.

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