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October Dream Lesson - Light & Color II

Last month we began a discussion of color and light in dreams based upon the premise that color comes from light (as proven by Sir Isaac Newton). This month, understanding that dreams with vivid color almost certainly originate from God, we will dig deeper into the importance of light and color in dreams. To begin, let's consider some interesting facts about color and its relationship to God. A single ray of white light, when passed through a 3 sided prism will produce the seven colors of a rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). Now, consider the following facts taken from the Bible:

The Lord our God is ONE (1) - Deuteronomy 6:4

God has a Triune nature of Father, Son and Holy Spirit (3) - Matthew 28:19

God is expresses Himself through His 7 Spirits - Revelation 3:1; Isaiah 11:2 Considering these correlations between the nature of God and Light/Color it would seem that this topic is significant to God and thus to dreams that originate with Him. Interestingly, the correlation does not end there. After God flooded the earth in Genesis 6-8, He made a covenant with or swore to Noah that He would never do this again (Genesis 9:11-16) by setting a rainbow in the sky. When God makes a covenant or swears something to His people, there is nothing greater that He can swear by than Himself (Genesis 22:16; Hebrews 6:13). So when God swore to Noah He would not flood the earth again, He swore by Himself and put a sign of color in the sky that represented who He was. God is not only light (1 John 1:5), but He is also color. Take this one step further and He is not only color, but He is surrounded by color. Consider the fact that there are 24 color hues (the transitional wavelengths of color as it changes from one primary or secondary color to the next) situated around a color wheel, which corresponds to the fact that there are 24 elders situated around the Throne of God (Revelation 4:4).

The Bible, the Spiritual/Kingdom Realm of God and even God Himself are all filled with images of light and color. All of creation is also made up of light and color. It is not unreasonable then to assume that light and color are of tremendous significance in our dreams as well. In determining what the source of your dream is (God, Soul, Demonic) it is of tremendous value to consider the nature of the light and color within them.

If there are any absolutes in the world of dream interpretation, the fact that vividly colorful dreams come from God, while dark and muted dreams come from the enemy is one of them. However, one word of caution would be advisable here. While this premise is absolute, the application of it when we evaluate our dreams is not. Why? Because our recollections and comprehensions of our dreams and their elements are not always absolutely accurate. Is a dream with normal, everyday colors vivid enough to be from God or just muted enough to be from the enemy? What happens if the colors are vivid for the setting they are in (twilight or night time), but overall muted in their appearance due to their environment? As a result of questions such as these, we remain reliant on Holy Spirit and cannot make an absolute judgment on where a dream has come from based upon a "rule" of color in dreams.

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