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The Spiritual Nature of Dreams

Almost since the beginning of time, people have pondered the meaning of their dreams. Outside of the logical, systematic Western mindset, much of the world not only values dreams, but considers them deeply spiritual. Aristotle is often associated with introducing the idea that if something cannot be seen, heard, felt, tasted or smelled (perceived with one of the five senses) then it isn't real. This led to many spiritual experiences, including dreams, being rejected by much of Western society. It is only in the relatively recent past that dreams (and other spiritual experiences) have found their way back into a place of value in Western culture.

The Greeks and Romans both felt that dreams were a means of communication from the gods, while even earlier the Hebrew peoples believed that they were a primary source of revelation from God. In Hebrew culture there was actually a belief that if a person went more than a week without experiencing a significant dream from God, then it meant that God was upset with them. Muslim, Hindu, Buddist and Jewish faiths all recognize dreams as spiritual experiences and while Christianity has been slower to accept this premise - it too has begun to recognize a deeper, Biblical spiritual element to dreams and their interpretation.

This blog is intended to explore the world of dreams and their spiritual interpretation. While approached from a Judeo-Christian world view, the principles examined by the blog entries on this website ( are deeply spiritual in nature regardless of the readers faith background. Unlike Frued and Jueng (whose general philosophy approaches dreams form a psychological and internal perspective) the spiritual perspective on dreams put forward here, assumes them to be externally originated and valuable as a source of inspiration, guidance and direction for the dreamer's life.

The proper spiritual understanding of any dream will always result in life and hope being inspired in the dreamer's life. There are no "bad" dreams, only bad interpretations, misunderstandings and fear sown from a spiritual realm of darkness intended to steal the dreamer's ability to utilize their spiritual senses to receive that hope and life. When the Light of the Creator of the Universe (1 John 1:5) is shined upon any dream then even the deepest darkness can be pushed back to make room for His Kingdom realm to be revealed.

It is my hope that as you read the articles published here you will experience new Spiritual awakening and that your dreams will come to life. It is my prayer that the Giver of Dreams will reveal Himself to you in ways you have never thought of or even imagined. May the God of Peace that passes understanding guard your heart and your mind as you engage in this journey to unlock your own Dream Stories.

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