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May Dream Lesson - Numbers

Numbers are one of the few elements of a dream that have relatively consistent meaning. In both the Hebrew and Greek culture every letter of the alphabet has a corresponding numerical value. This system is known as Gematria. Additionally, there are multiple Biblical references to numbers that correspond to rather specific meanings. For example, the number 7 is almost always associated with the idea of completion, because it was on the 7th day that God's work of creation was complete and He rested. Similarly, the number 8 is most frequently associated with the idea of "New Beginnings" because the 8th day started a new week and a new work. There are numerous reference tools available that outline the meaning of various numbers and unlike Dream Symbol Dictionaries, the reference material on numerical meanings are quite consistent with one another.

Here is a list of some of the most consistent meanings for numbers commonly making a significant appearance in dreams:

1 = God

2 = Multiplication/Division

3 = Trinity

4 = God's Creative Works

5 = Grace

6 = Man

7 = Completion

8 = New Beginnings

9 = Gifts/Fruit

10 = Wilderness

While there are certainly other meanings for these numbers, these particular meanings represent some of the most commonly seen metaphorical uses of numbers in dreams. It is important to recognize that as numbers increase in value it is not common for them to carry the same meaning forward as they single digits that make them up. While such a meaning would be uncommon it is not entirely unheard of. For example, the number 55 or 555 is often associated an abundant or multiplied outpouring of grace. However, the number 13 does not related to some aspect of God's Triune nature, but rather is more frequently associated with rebellion.

While there is much more that could be said about numbers, one final point should be noted. There are frequently occasions when larger numbers can be broken up into parts and point to a particular scriptural reference. This is particularly true when numbers are seen in the form of a digital clock face, quite conveniently separated by a colon. For example, when there is an emphasis on time in the time in a dream - such as 3:16 - this image can often point to a passage of scripture - such as John 3:16. While certainly not universally true, this can be an easy way of bringing deeper clarity to the meaning of a dream. The presence of the colon (as in the case of a digital clock face) is not necessary in order for a larger number to point to a scripture reference. For example, the number 333 can very easily be a reference to Jeremiah 33:3

While numbers have much more consistent meaning across all dreams than most other symbols do, it is still essential that anyone who desires to interpret dreams not fall into the trap of making assumptions based upon the fact that a particular meaning is commonly associated with a given symbol. As always, the first priority for any dream interpreter is to diligently seek to hear the voice of Holy Spirit concerning what a particular dream symbol means in a particular case.

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