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May 15

Husband dumping me for ex.


Almost every month I have a couple of dreams about my husband Alonzo leaving me for his ex Tyffani. A lot of the dreams take place at our old high school. All dreams i can tell we are high schoolers because my husband looks younger in the dreams and there are often old peers from HS even if we aren’t physically at the school. All the dreams I am either angry or sad or a combination of both and my husband is usually happy and nonchalant about it. The dreams are always dull in color. The most recent one I had was last night I had a dentist appointment but they couldn’t do the procedure, there was blue gum stuck to my bottom left molar and I couldn’t get it off then my bottom molars fell out (although I could feel all my teeth were loosening) then I went to school (HS) I was sad because I knew my husband (although in the dream he was my boyfriend) had dumped me for his ex. I walked into science class and he was there and he was happy and asked me to sit with him still but I was mad and sad. He was insistent that I sit with him and that we could still be friends but I was just upset.

I feel like what is happening is the enemy is trying to steal your joy and ruin your marriage by inserting lies. Take your stand against satan and rebuke him together in your marriage.

2 Corinthians 2:11

Thank you I think this is very accurate, literally two days after posting this I began to notice the enemy trying to bring up lies and old things from the past to cause issues but we’ve been praying against it together!

New Posts
  • This isn’t a symbol from a dream. Just something that constantly comes to mind and ways heavy on my heart when praying about some particular challenges I’ve been facing. Over the past few months whenever I Pray about or am faced with the problem I “hear“ (not literally but can feel it in my heart I guess?) “unapologetically me“ and then I wonder what it means.
  • On 8/26/19 while spending time in the Lord's presence I heard a balloon pop over my head, it was loud enough to startle me.
  • What would a cape symbolize? I’m guessing maybe a mantel? I remember part of my dream last night I was ordering my husband a custom made black cape and it was size specific to his height 6’1. I have a feeling that my husband has a special gift on his life that is getting activated.

Dream Interpretation Mentoring is now live.  Dreams posted to the forum will be interpreted by students.  They will likely accumulate during breaks between classes, so please keep this in mind.  A moderator will respond to all Level 1 students interpretations.  A moderator will comment when necessary for all Level 2 students.  Level 3 students will post interpretations as moderators.   Please leave a comment to let them know how they did after you read their interpretation.