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Jan 10

Movie Stars and Recording Artists

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Edited: Jan 10

Can you please explain the significance of this?

For a number of years now I have dreamt of celebrities. Some actors, but mostly iconic singers... especially R & B singers. These dreams are always filled with much conversation and activity. With 2 legendary singers the events in the dream came to past.


Thank you,

Karen Camille


When there is a large volume of symbols across your dreams that seem related, the first thing you should note is that this is simply a part of your dream vocabulary. This general answer does not impact the fact that every dream will then have its own unique meaning and may not be related at all - unless other factors make them so. In the case of the two dreams where the events came to pass, these are more prophetic in nature, but your other dreams with celebrities may fall into other categories of dreams and just because there are celebrities in all of them doesn't require them to be related by message or by category.


The R&B theme could mean that God is instilling a good flow (rhythm) of revelation (blue) in you. It could also relate to your ability to carry people through (rhythm) their seasons of self pity or depression (blues) and help them overcome.

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