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Jun 12

Inappropriate Sexual Dreams

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I have had 3 dreams since January that have involved me having sexual relations with women other than my wife. This type of behavior is outside of my actual character. These dreams trouble me because of this. Is this enough information for insight?

It is important to remember that dreams are metaphorical. Dreams that are X-Rated or Pornographic in their nature are not from God and the dreamer should take authority over them. On the other hand, dreams that involve intimacy in a less sensual way can have metaphorical meaning. If this is the case, consider what the other person may represent or what their name means and the dream may indicate that God wants you to develop that characteristic more intimately.


Elisa and I discuss this topic briefly during our podcast on Naked Dreams and Bathroom Dreams, which can be found here: https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=380038

New Posts
  • Do you have books you recommend to help interpret dreams? I found websites, but I don't want to be mislead. Specifically on symbols. Thanks!
  • Throughout my life I have dreamed of places that I’ve never been to or seen and recalled the dream in detail and then later been to the places I’ve seen beforehand in these dreams. It is not a deja vu experience. The real life scenario doesn’t always happen in the same storyline of the dream but it will be the exact place. For example, I once dreamed of a dry field and in the dream said that it extended so far it seemed like the end of the earth. A month Or so later, we moved to Texas and I saw the actual field. Recently, I dreamed of being in an auditorium and seeing empty seats and a stage and then toured the Grand Ole Opry a week later and stood in the same place I saw in the dream. I’ve dreamed of the inside of churches and then found myself in them, interstate ramps and bridges I’ve never been on, then driven them. There have been several instances of this happening and I always tell the dream beforehand and am able to say, “do you remember me telling you this dream? Well this is the place I saw.” Im just curious if this is a common thing and if it means anything? I always just assume that since I saw it beforehand, I’m supposed to be there but I am curious of explanations for these kinds of experiences.
  • I know if you are an observer the dream is usually not about you. But it's not every case, right? My husband was observing a scene where the prophet (who comes to our church) was speaking next to the pick up truck and then he moved the truck with his hands from left to right. The only interpretation that came to us was that this truck was my husband. Could be?

Dream Interpretation Mentoring is now live.  Dreams posted to the forum will be interpreted by students.  They will likely accumulate during breaks between classes, so please keep this in mind.  A moderator will respond to all Level 1 students interpretations.  A moderator will comment when necessary for all Level 2 students.  Level 3 students will post interpretations as moderators.   Please leave a comment to let them know how they did after you read their interpretation.