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Jun 26

Seeing Jesus


In my dream I saw beautiful white. The white turned into bright light. As I kept looking at the bright light Jesus came walking through the light toward me. He was clothed in white. His hair was dark and beautiful. He kept walking toward me. Then I saw a big body of water(I thought it was the ocean, but I'm not sure.) There were trees, and I looked up and there was beautiful fluffy clouds in the big blue sky. Jesus never spoke to me. I woke up.

I am a trainee taking the Dream Stories Interpretation Mentoring class and I am interpreting your dream to complete one of my assignments“

Title : Invitation

God is revealing his love and desire to be closer with you. A greater awareness is being created of his presence. He also revealing a connection between the spiritual and the natural. God is speaking in different ways to your heart and life, and not always directly to you.

Look forward to your feedback

Jun 29

I would like to thank you for the interpretation of my dream. It was truly a Blessing for me. I have one question, what does it mean when say that "God is speaking in different ways to your heart and life, and not always directly to you."?

Hi Phyllis,

in your dream you mention “ Jesus never spoke to me” , as in he didn’t speak directly to me using words.

i get the sense he is speaking to you in other ways, I.e through nature, pictures that may represent his character and nature to you.

Jun 30

Thank you so much for your response. You are spot on. I love nature, and God has spoken to me in that way. May God Bless you and keep you.

@eternalcomics Good job. Also that is a really good job on responding to the dreamer's question. @Phyllis Michael (@eternalcomics) is right on with his interpretation. Thank you for your feedback.

New Posts
  • My dream started at the wnd of a gathering or party. For some reason all of the people, me and ten others, were all going in one car together to get to our different home, like a bus system. For some reason this was in my father’s truck, a three seater (so how do we fit eleven people? haha) and instead of me driving, it was this younger boy who couldn’t really drive at all. So it felt stressful and overwhelming and I eventually was able to get the kid to stop and let me drive. So then I drove us to my house and we all got out. I started asking the group where I needed to take them but none of them would answer me. They all were milling around and avoiding answering me. Eventually I got a couple to tell me where to take them, but I had to shake it out of them, and the rest were still uncooperative. This whole time I felt an incredible amount of stress
  • Myself, my son (who is 23) and my mother had just moved in to my grandparents old house (whom are deceased). Boxes everywhere, we are putting away stuff. It is dark outside. I go to the bedroom to get something, the room is dark. I set on something square in the room, like a small rug or paper, not sure. When I step on it, it starts moving and pulling me. I immediately turn around and go towards the door. The door closes. Im not scared but recognize this as a demon and I know I can call on the name of Jesus because the mention of Jesus to demons, they have to obey. So I start saying "Jesus" over and over and say demons be gone. Then the door opens. I go into the kitchen and tell my son and my mom we have to leave this house. We throw stuff into the car. For some reason there is something else I need to get so I go to the living room and this whirlwind starts in the center of the room, like a mini tornado. So I turn around and just run to the door and outside. Then I wake up. For some reason, I feel like it may signify some kind of attack on my family. Maybe because my son is dealing with a lot of issues. Anyway, I don't remember a lot of my dreams but this one I haven't forgotten. It was last week when I had this dream.
  • I had a dream last night that I was bitten by a tick. I saw it go into my skin on my leg but didn’t realize what it was until it burrowed further down. after I realized it was a tick, it began to run all over my body under my skin. I couldn’t feel it bite or move. The only way I knew it was there was because I saw it. I woke up before I got it out of my leg. It was dark brown in color and was scaled to its actual size. It felt so real that when I woke up, I actually checked my legs to be sure it was a just a dream!

Dream Interpretation Mentoring is now live.  Dreams posted to the forum will be interpreted by students.  They will likely accumulate during breaks between classes, so please keep this in mind.  A moderator will respond to all Level 1 students interpretations.  A moderator will comment when necessary for all Level 2 students.  Level 3 students will post interpretations as moderators.   Please leave a comment to let them know how they did after you read their interpretation.