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Please leave a comment to let them know how they did after you read their interpretation.

Dreams posted to the forum will be interpreted by students.  They will likely accumulate during breaks between classes, so please keep this in mind.  Remember most interpretations are provided by students and they are learning what they are doing.  Moderators will often have more seasoned interpretations when they do comment on a dream.  A moderator often responds to Level 1 student interpretations and comments when necessary for Level 2 students.  Level 3 students will post interpretations as student moderators.   


We have been unable to get the flood of spam on the forum under control.  It appears we are under direct cyber attack.  As a result, we will be closing the forum in the near future and reopening it in a new format.  If you have a dream that has not yet been interpreted (and we know there are a lot) please copy it in preparation of posting on the new forum site.  We apologize for the difficulty this has caused over the last few months.

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