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TITLE: Dream Stories
AUTHOR: Michael B. French
PUBLISHER: Shade Tree Publishing
RETAIL PRICE: $14.99 US (Perfect Bound)
ISBN-13: 978-1937331726
PAGES: 294

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Dream Stories: Unlocking Your Night Parables


Michael French, executive director of Patria Ministries, has just released Dream Stories: Unlocking Your Night Parables, a book on dreams and Biblical dream interpretation.  


"Dream Stories: powerfully captivating and penetrating and easy to understand, yet practical and deeply profound.  Christ centered and submitted to the Word, this book is a relevant and valuable resource for learning to hear God and drawing into deeper intimacy with him."

- LeeArthur J. Madison, Apostle & Senior Pastor

Transformation Ministries International, Tacoma, WA.

Dreams are an almost forgotten means by which God speaks to his people.  The Bible is filled with examples of dreams and visions that changed the course of nations.  The Hebrew people believed that going a week without a significant dream from God meant something was wrong. Much of the non-western world believes dreams are spiritual experiences.  Yet, the church has struggled to understand these mysteries.  

The world is looking for real spiritual experiences and understanding God's dream language can provide a much needed means of connecting with a culture that sees the church as having lost it's relevance.  In our individual lives, learning how God speaks to His people through dreams can release courage, freedom, direction, insight and more.

Dream Stories offers the readers practical guidance on how the Bible approaches dream interpretation and historical examples of the impact dreams have had on the lives of both spiritual leaders and other famous individuals.  It contains over fifty real life dreams, their interpretations and testimonies of how God changed the lives of the dreamers through the understanding of their dreams.

Get your copy of Dream Stories today and start learning how God is speaking to you through your night parables!

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Dream Stories: Unlocking Your Night Parables

The world is looking for real spiritual experiences and understanding God's dream language can provide a much needed means of connecting with a culture that sees the church as having lost it's relevance.  In our individual lives, learning how the God speaks to His people through dreams can provide courage, freedom, direction, insight and more.  Michael B. French has taught on Biblical dream interpretation around the world and shares both insight on how to understand your night parables and real life examples of how they have changed the lives of dreamers in his new book Dream Stories: Understanding Your Night Parables.


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Michael and his wife Elisa live in Leeds, Alabama.  They have been happily married since 1988 and serving together in full time ministry since 1999.  They have four sons, Joshua (and his wife Michelle), Caleb, Jacob and Noah.    Michael graduated from Jacksonville State University with a degree in Political Science in 1985 and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration in 1986.  He completed law school at the University of Alabama in 1989 and had a successful law practice for over ten years.  He continues to maintain his law license and is frequently called upon to provide legal consultation for ministries.

Michael has been actively involved in ministry since 1982.  He founded The Bridge Birmingham in 1998 and pastored the church for seventeen years.  Michael is the founder of Cahaba Equipping Center (a ministry devoted to training and equipping spiritual leaders around the world), through which he has ministered in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Ghana, Russia, Honduras, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Canada, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Switzerland.  He and his wife are the co-founders of Pavilion Village Children’s Home in Kenya.   

Michael knew and worked with John Paul Jackson - an international speaker and world renowned expert on biblical dream interpretation - for over 30 years and was mentored by John Paul (particularly in the areas of prophetic ministry/evangelism and biblical dream interpretation) during that time.  Michael has been teaching on these subjects around the world since 2002.  With John Paul’s blessing, Michael founded and now serves full time as President of Patria Ministries (www.patriamin.com), an international association of churches and ministries headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.  Michael also serves as a member of the pastoral team at his home church, King’s Way, in Irondale, Alabama.

He is the co-author of Remedy, (a book written by he and his father to unravel the mystery and break down some of the controversy surrounding the ministry of deliverance). He is the author of The Elisha Way (a book espousing the need for a return to spiritual fathering in order to see a double portion passed on to the next generation) and Fresh Bread (a book delving into what Jesus was teaching His disciples through the Lord’s Prayer).   His most recent book, Dream Stories, a book explaining the importance of dreams and their spiritual interpretations as well as sharing over fifty interpreted dreams and how they impacted the dreamer’s lives.


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Are Dreams Really a Way that God Speaks?

In the Hebrew culture there was a belief that if a person went a week without a significant dream from God, something was wrong and God was unhappy with them.  Much of the world (outside of the West) continues to believe that dreams are spiritual in their nature.  Before we can learn from our own dreams and certainly before we can gain insight into the dreams of others, we have to accept that God still speaks and at times He speaks through dreams.  There are approximately two hundred references to dreams in Scripture and as much as one-third of the Bible relates either directly or indirectly to a dream or a vision. 

What Makes Biblical Dream Interpretation Different from Other Interpretive Methods?

Dreams need to be interpreted in order to have value, and a dream cannot be interpreted properly without a dependence on Holy Spirit for the inspiration.  Men may deliver an interpretation, but it is God who gives the interpretation.  Secular methods of dream interpretation attempt to apply human reasoning and logic to a spiritual message and thus, they will never truly capture the meaning of dream.  Secular dream interpretation uses soulish methods at best and in some cases their methods are even demonically inspired.  

Do Dreams Really Make a Difference?

Jacob obtain his wealth by denying the animal husbandry rules of his day because of courage inspired by a dream (Genesis 31:10-13).  Egypt survived the greatest famine the world had ever known because of wisdom gained from a dream (Genesis 41:15-44).  Joseph and Mary protected Jesus from Herod's plot to kill him through direction imparted in a dream (Matthew 2:13).  Inventions have been created, art inspired, scientific breakthrough released and sports performance enhanced by dreams.  Dream Stories shares stories from more than fifty people whose lives have been directly impacted by dreams and their interpretation.

What Are Dream Stories and Why Are They Important?

Dream stories are the personal testimonies of those whose lives have been touched by learning to hear God speak through dreams.  The disciples of Jesus shared their testimony of what they had seen and heard and through them we have the gospel accounts of the Life of Christ.  A testimony is more than simply recounting how God has touched a person's life.  It is a story that can show others how they can have their own relationship with God.  Dreams stories inspire us to believe that God cares about us and that He still speaks to His people.

Sample Interview Questions

  • What are Dream Stories?

  • What caused you to write Dream Stories?

  • Where do dreams come from?

  • Why do you call dreams God's night parables?

  • Do you have a favorite dream story from your own dreams and/or from those you have collected?

  • With so many methods of dream interpretation out there, how can a person know they are getting the real interpretation to their dream?

  • Is interpreting dreams really biblical?

  • So, how do you interpret a dream?

  • How did you choose the 50+ contemporary dreams included in your book?

  • Why doesn't your book include a list of symbol meanings to help people understand their dreams?

  • Why has the Western world stopped believing in dreams as a means of communication from God?

  • Are all dreams from God? What about nightmares?

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