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with the


Michael & Elisa French

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Let's face it...

Knowing how to recognise the Creator’s voice is challenging, anyone?

This podcast is for you if you want to understand and demystify the Creator’s voice. You want to eliminate life's overwhelm and be sensitive to loving guidance. 

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" Your you tube channel has been my favorite place to go to learn about dreams and dream interpretation. I have recommended it to my friends as well. I have learnt and learnt and learnt and cannot wait to learn more. Can't wait to be part of the next class."
- Dorothy Khasira
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Get Clarity.

Want to understand the messages you’re receiving in your dreams?


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​​“Love learning more about my dream life! Michael and Elisa have done a wonderful job with this podcast. I have enjoyed it so much!! I look forward to listening each Friday.” 

- Mander

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